Battle between the online taxi operators and the traditional taxi drivers In the God’s own country, the rifts are happening between the traditional taxi drivers and the online taxi operators. The conventional taxi drivers are protesting against the online taxi operators, as a result of this protest, the conventional taxi drivers are going to keep the road off in the city for one day. Most of the parties hope that, the strike will have no effect in the city and also in the minds of the people. The main reason for the strike is that, the traditional taxi drivers are slowly losing their profession because of the establishment of the online taxis. And also many online taxi drivers are having their raids without the license, and no actions are taken against them. Some of the people felt that, there is no proper reason from the traditional taxi drivers and the auto drivers for having this protest. Without the proper reason they are disturbing the public. Whereas, Link some people feel that, the traditional taxi drivers and the auto drivers have the valid reason for their protest. Pubic felt that, the traditional taxi and auto drivers have made a complaint on the online taxi drivers for charging high during the peak hours, their complaint is that many auto drivers recently started to use meters, they were offering raids without the meters, so this will also cost high. Some of the people said that, they moved to the online taxi services such as the Ola and Uber, as they were unhappy with the traditional taxi and auto driver’s policies as they cost more amount of money. An IT professional says, the strikes and the protests are meant for the benefits of the mankind, in this case they are giving harm to the people and it is against the people’s wish. He further said that, many autos in Kochi are operating without the fare meter. The autos having the fare meter are also charging huge amount. This is totally unfair. He had faced many problems with the traditional taxi and auto drivers. So he fed up with their policies on payment. He also said that, their behavior with the customers is also not up to the mark. If their behavior is good, people will prefer them, though they cost higher amount. If they Lisri can’t compete with the corporate companies like Ola and Uber, they should learn the way of treating the customers from them. He expresses his anxiety towards the traditional taxi and auto drivers. The strike was planned a day before, and they decided to have it on the next day. The main motto of the strike is to ban the online taxies, as it takes the lives of about more than 10,000 taxi and auto drivers in the city. And they also told that the online taxi drivers operate without having the license, in spite of the government law of the fixed rates for the online taxi. The convener of auto taxi employee strike said that, the online taxi drivers are trying to suppress the traditional drivers. The corporate companies like the Ola and the Uber also charge higher cost, but there are no complaints on them. This is purely injustice, he said. They approached the state Transportation minister and the district collector, but still they have no improvement from their side. People know that the online taxi operators are also collecting the huge amount, but people will not mind about that. If some of the traditional auto and taxi drivers collect huge amounts, they will say, most of the traditional auto and the taxi drivers will not collect the huge amounts. On the other side, the online taxi service union started to protest against the traditional taxi and online drivers, that they are not violating the government rules imposed on them and they are collecting the higher amount for the rides. When compared to the traditional auto and taxi drivers, they are collecting much lower amount. And they are collecting the correct amount as per the government laws. To have their profession strong, they should complaint against the online taxi drivers; they should treat their customers well and should have the positive attitude towards their work. Bibin, an IT professional said that, he was regularly using the auto and taxi, but, when Uber came, he was impressed by the policies and started to use Uber. He asks, in spite of having the cheapest means of transport for travelling, then why should the people prefer the traditional taxi and autos. Many people came to support the online taxi services like the Ola and Uber. Traditional taxi drivers felt that the app is unfair, and it reduces the innovation in the traditional business strategies. The argument is still continuing from both the sides. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons from each side. The personal transportation industry has changed much more from its beginning. The technology has made it easier to get a ride via online. The recent online taxi technologies like Uber and Ola have changed, the old way of getting a raid in the taxi. Before the taxi booking have made online, people go to a street corner before half an hour of the start time, and search for any taxi or auto. When the Uber and other technologies came up, people can book a taxi easily through their smart phone. We should mention the address and the start time, so that we do not have to wait for the taxi for the long time. The main advantage of the online Taxi is that they can save our time. Pros • Customers Customers will not have the tension of paying the fare while getting down of the car, as they are paying it while booking. Fares are fixed depending on the destination. Fares do not vary depending upon the customer. • Drivers In the online taxi companies like Uber and Ola, drivers have the freedom to login and logout at any time. They have the freedom to choose the rides and customers, depending upon the destination, and they treat their customers very well. • Industry The industry is highly competition oriented. In order to survive in the competition, they will try to introduce the new offers and benefits. Cons • Customers Sometimes, customers are charged depending upon the demand and supply. If more customers demand for a raid, they the price will be low, when the demand is low, then the price will be high. • Drivers In the popular companies like Uber, they force the drivers to buy the latest model cars, in order to attract the people. So the drivers are suffering to buy the latest model cars. These kinds of issues are happening in the cities like New York. • Industry Drivers cannot take the authority by offering the rides for the customers. The high authority people take this in charge and ask the drivers to take the ride. The demand and supply may affect the online taxi industry. Advantages of traditional taxi drivers They have no pressure of working under someone. And they can fix the prices depending upon the distance. The demand and supply will not affect the prices. They have a friendly environment and they do not have competition with other traditional taxi drivers.